Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Altair Design Book
Just a short post today to say does anyone remember these? I spent a lot of happy hours in the seventies colouring in these designs. Just quiet and contemplative, just what I think I need today. You can see more images here.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

on the table

I might have had something clever to say at some point. Forgive this post for any lack. It's past my bedtime now. My cards and parcels are ready to send tomorrow and I'm mighty pleased about that.

I've been thinking about my last post about christmas cards and letting go. What I realize is it's me that needs to be revitalized. Me that needs a fresh approach and some new ideas. It's me that's doing the same old same old.

I guess in some cases I was getting ready to jump before I pushed. I have to put myself out there and risk rejection. If that is the case at least I know I'm clearing the decks for something new. I decided to send all my cards one more time and included a small printed note saying that next year I was thinking about doing something different. Whether that be an on-line christmas robin, e-mails, or e-cards. I explained I would give some money to charity instead, there would be less for re-cycling and less spending on stamps! I asked people to let me know their e-mail or suggested they connect with me on facebook.

I'm totally expecting not to hear from some people and I think my list will definitely become smaller.
The main thing is these connections could be enlivened. The possibility is there. People won't just drop of my list and wonder why.

I love making my little handmade cards. I think there will always be room for some of these. They are nice to give out to people I see everyday, neighbours, local friends. A few treasured friends I know love getting them. That's it. We'll see how next year goes. Thanks to Chel, for her idea about this in the comments.

Monday, 15 December 2014

my favourite camera

Can I have a drum roll......!

Here it is at last, my new purchase, my favourite camera is a Canon EOS 100D. I've had my eye on this for a while. For a long time I have been using what I call my happy snapper, but I felt as though I had to do a lot with the photo to make it presentable. A new camera was definitely in order. Several other bloggers had mentioned this and their photos were good. I think that was ClaireGillian and Annette.

It's a very small and light DSLR camera. A couple of months ago I was in the store where the Canon rep was. He was just as excited about it (of course!) as I was. He obligingly showed me what every single thing on the camera does. All forgotten now! But it's straight forward and does other things, yet to be worked out.

I remember walking into the department store with the camera on my mind. I was thinking to myself at some point you've just got to allow yourself to have it, you have got to believe you deserve it, one way or another.

It could have been an iphone and I could be on instagram, but I'm not, not yet. I'm glad I made this choice. I'm very visual and for me this is the next step. December's photos have all been taken on this.

Of course now I'm lusting over this camera bag. I know wildly expensive, but I think this is the one! I like to carry my camera everywhere even when I walk the dog, and although the camera is small it is still bulky. I like the bag because it's neat and padded and looks like a normal bag.

Well I'll keep on dreaming and see what happens. Other things keep taking priority. Last night the motor on my Hoover broke, and although I wailed 'pleased don't die now!' it did.
So that's another thing.

Oh the grey hair. Yes I still regularly have to look at this pin board, to keep the faith ;-)

Sunday, 14 December 2014


I can only think of one obviously stripey thing that I have, my teapot. This is my Sidmouth teapot, it's red and white coastal stripes remind me of one of my favourite places in the world to be. I admire it while I wash up. I always forget to use it. But it looks nice on the shelf. I'm wondering if there is a cafe named the Sidmouth teapot? I think there should be. I'm wondering how it is that another year has gone by without me visiting this quaint seaside town where my Mum used to live. I need to remedy that next year. I don't want to lose my connection with Sidmouth, and my second home feeling.

Last night was the night of christmas card making and Pearl Harbour watching. Followed by a late night christmas card list wobble. It was an emotional rollercoaster. I feel like there are people on my list who it now feels quite static with. I'm not sure how I feel about that, or what to do about it. I have been doing so much clearing and cleaning out and as I look through my list of people I can't help but feel like this is also an extension of that. To keep or to let go and perhaps make room for new connections or to try and revitalize some existing ones. 

What I am finally realizing is this. People I have been calling family, that there has been no live connection with for a few years are really relatives. Not family. This is different. It's taken years to work that one out. Family can also be friends. Friends can also be family. Step-family which I call family, but are no longer on the radar at all, as the connecting person is sadly departed are not family, they are actually past. Sad but true. I don't want to take away the past, which had it's good moments. But they are not part of the now. So if there is so much less family than I actually thought, there are indeed some vacancies! and I think it's okay to acknowledge that and not keep that space full with family that isn't.

So how do we keep our christmas card list feeling vital and alive, and a reflection of the people who are really in our lives? I think this year I was scared to face this list because I knew it was going to change and I was going to have to acknowledge this. I can't keep doing the same old same old. That's not living, it's not actually even fun, and I want to send my christmas cards out with a burst of fun, knowing they will spark some joy in a place that we both feel is alive. 

Saturday, 13 December 2014


I am cosy and comfortable and making some sparkly cards right now. How did this happen you may ask?..... Well, I woke up at 6.30 this morning and decided I was going to make my cards after all. I had a clear idea and a plan. Hurrah!

So what if I only had yellow and orange card left, and my christmas trees are pink. That's a nice combination! Anyone who has seen my usual cards in recent years knows it will probably be a little card made with whatever colour Indian paper I have, usually trees, because they're easy and I get to stick sparkly baubles all over them. They are always very child like, and they're always little, because little are best right.

Oh the joys of sparkly sequin tin.......!

It seems my resistance was futile. But I think I needed to move through that first. It needed to be heard you know. I think our 'no's' in life are important too. I think there are little messages in them, for us.

Friday, 12 December 2014


If we don't have a white christmas then it's perfectly okay to fake it. Although there has been talk there could be some wintery weather coming. This picture makes me feel a little jingly and look forward to watching a few christmas movies while rummaging through the Quality street tin. Which has not yet been brought for obvious reasons.

Well christmas is now waiting patiently in the hall, and tonight could be the night. I have a little voice in my mind saying I probably do need to buy some cards. I would have loved to be making some but can't seem to muster the right amounts of inspiration. When is the last posting day? On which day can I officially abandon the idea. Is this the year to begin an on-line christmas robin, with pictures! or a new year one? I would like to find a fresh take on the idea.


Thursday, 11 December 2014

favourite photo of 2014

I was so happy when I saw this photo. Taken in the autumn it was one of the first I took on my new camera, (more about that soon).

It was such a relevation. Such a difference from my old camera. So long awaited. It jumped off the screen at me, like the happy autumn flower that it is. Just like this, no touching up, no editing, no filters, no anything. Just as I saw it.

I especially love the colours of the flower, really yummy, and the effect of the background. I love that it's not perfect and it shows the decay of the autumn.

Just an honest picture. Real photography rocks. (A good camera helps!).