Saturday, 19 July 2014

a 7 mile long pink peace scarf

Okay, I've finally done this!.....this is my 1 metre crochet section of a 7 mile pink peace scarf.

I wanted to do this, but I hit a fair amount of resistance in my self. I think it may have been the pink and the long list of other things which I want to make!. Although once I realized it would be okay, and not breaking any rules (whose rules anyway!) to put a colourful granny square in the middle, I was off.

and once totally immersed in the pink, I really quite enjoyed it, especially next to all the other colours. I'll be sorry to see it go. But it's off for a good cause.

photo from the wool against weapons site.
On the 9th August this year, a seven mile long pink knitted peace scarf will be rolled out to stretch between two nuclear sites at Aldermaston and Burghfield in Berkshire. The scarf is a protest to put pressure on the government to ditch the planned 80 billion pound spend renewing the trident nuclear weapons programme. You can find out more about this at

This project is the brain child of Jaine and you can read about the beginning of this project here on her blog Beeswax and broomsticks.

In the end it was my commitment to doing this that carried me through. This really is the last call.

Editied to add: I forgot to say that the after the event the scarf pieces will stitched together and made into around 2000 blankets, which will be sent to well needed places. Now isn't that a thing!

* * *  

I will be away from my patch for the next little while.

hazy summer morning on the common
I'm off to dip my toes in the Dorset sea.

surprised to find this patch of pretty harebells yesterday.
I'm looking forwarding to taking in some of those lovely Jurrasic views. I have walked some of the South west coast path here. A few years ago now. One day I will continue my walk. I remember it was beautiful, exhilarating, scary and bloody knackering! I carried my rucksack and tent, and little dog was with me on the lead. I stopped at Chesil beach after several days, I couldn't carry my pack anymore! I will travel very light next time..... I'm looking forward to seeing it again and remembering the adventure. Catch up soon.


Friday, 11 July 2014

finding some more time.......

I might seriously have found some more time in my day! I quite simply to do not turn on my technology until later in the day! For me it is making a huge difference......there are so many things I would like to be doing and also need to be doing to feel good.
my first page of my new moleskin journal!
This week I have began my day sitting at my table. I have began my new scrapbook journal. I hope it will lead me to some summer magic and relaxed adventures! I treated myself to this Moleskin journal. I spent so long looking at them in the shop the shop assistant may have wondered what I was up to.....I'm happy I splurged finally ♥ ♥ ♥ .

ready to collage
A nice thing to do in the morning. A little bit here and a little bit there. Some water-colour, and different bits and pieces to stick. I have some more pictures and words at the ready.

favourite museli
So no more balancing breakfast over the key board, for now!.... These english rose strawberries are really the treat of the week. Delicious and aromatic...... real strawberries I think. A healthy burst vitamins, I could eat these all day.

So I suddenly felt as though I had more time......I even did some stretching. My goodness journalling, stretching, time to think about what I wanted to do with my little red suitcase! I think I will need to be here less, and spend more time making in the 'shop'. Which I have also actually been doing!!.....can this really be my day!

my new in the shop today picture
I have a few ideas swimming around, making new brooches and some new card ideas. I really want to make the time to do this. This was my Mum's red tyrolean apron. (We had several tyrolean adventures when I was little). I think it goes. Definitely very my little red suitcase..... I have had lots of new ideas lately. I think she is guiding me.

treasures on my window sill
Here are my windowsill treasures. These are wild sweet peas from the garden. My Mum loved sweet peas and she loved Sidmouth (you can see in the picture) and she loved me and her grandson. And we loved her and we loved Sidmouth and I love all the things I have that remind me of her. I love this little space here and all that it means to me.

pretty pink geraniums
Inside my home I'm enjoying these bright pink geraniums.

in the yard
and outside home, I'm enjoying seeing this purple in the yard.

blue sky
Our days on the common are glorious. The sky has been oh so blue. It's a real heavenly delight up here right now.

summer grasses
Summer grasses on the hill top. Our walks have been earlier and felt fresher. It's really nice to get out earlier.

thrifted denim jacket
A spot of thrifting......I think I'm on a roll. A denim jacket. It's about 20 years since I wore my last one.....and it feels great, like second skin..... and do I care?!....I don't think so. It's just asking to be decorated by brooches and badges. This is a vintage resin brooch, which belonged to my Mum. Yes she liked red, it was her favourite colour.

vintage resin brooch
There, lovely. Just right. I've been wanting to wear this for a while. I love it with the denim :-) 

So there you can see me with a bit more time to enjoy my things.

It's all there for us to do. Our nice things are waiting for us. We can find time......forgive me if I'm not around quite so much.

I'm also trying to end the day technology free too. This is all really quite different for me. I find myself thinking about you instead.

Just trying to make the space for some new loves and old loves. Hope to catch up with you soon.



Wednesday, 2 July 2014

a few healthy summer things!

mean green juice
This is good! I've made a couple of these and have the ingredients for more in my fridge. I haven't done any juicing for a long time. This tastes zingy and healthy, and if I say here now that I will be drinking this later, I hope to stick to it! I found my way to this inspiring post from tales of ted and agnes, watched the film and found the recipe. If you want to try it follow this reciepe :-

                                      a bunch of kale,
                                      4 celery sticks,
                                      1 cucumber,
                                      2 granny smith apples,
                                      half a peeled lemon,
                                      ginger root.

Feels seriously healthy!

flowers from the garden
Remembering to pick flowers from the garden and bring them inside. It's all nice now, include some herbs if you can. I must try out some herbal teas, home made style. Yesterday I forwent my daily coffee. I have been feeling quite caffeined out in the last few days. Time to remember to drink some summer drinks instead of endless teas!

remember to breathe!
Yes, breathing is always a good thing.....especially after too much coffee....!
Oh and did I mention mercury has been retrograde for the last couple of weeks, please don't ask me to explain, because I don't think I can! but as the planet of communication, you may have found yourself talking utter codswallop. That should end and we will can all start making sense again!

thrifted sandals = happy toes
If you don't like toes, look away now!................

Thrifted sandals, love the little cross stitch. I'm very chuffed, almost new, my toes are very happy in these.

Happy little pink piggies........sorry!

homemade tick repellent
I have made a tick repellent. There really are a lot of these nasties around this year. Be careful walking through long grass, meadows and woodland. Cover up if you can or wear a repellent. There is a lot of talk of Lymes being spread, and this not a nice illness. It can be treated early if you notice a bite with a rash or white ring around it and have flu like symptoms with a course of anti-biotics. I found this natural tick repellent here. Apparently the ticks really dislike rose geranium. Thankfully I do like it and I have also added a few drops of lavender. I spray my legs before I go for a walk and also the dog. It makes a lovely feel good spray mist. Not for babies and cats though.

my view of the valley
I feel there may be some kind of pause here. The need to kick back and relax is there, as well as all the summer cleaning and maintenance chores which are calling. I've been having a little jig around here and would like to carry on straightening things up a bit, having a bit of tidy in all the places I seem to find myself, technology wise! I would also like to put more attention to my shop and grow this. There is only so long that is comfortable to be sitting in front of a screen in the summer I think. The need to move and stretch out a bit more is definitely calling.

I must tell you, this bag has become my summer outfit and I am really loving it. It's just adding that bit of summer brightness that I need. There may be no going back now. Homemade and handmade is the way forward. Dig out those vintage linens and create!

Hope you manage to kick back with some healthy moments, find a colourful rug and enjoy a summer view from somewhere,  drink long summer drinks. Breathe out. X


Saturday, 21 June 2014

a peaceful summer solstice

A peaceful summer solstice to you. As the sun reaches it's most expansive time, the longest day of year is here. The outward push of energy, growth and potential has been reached and the journey inwards will begin.

I find myself strangely calm this year. I have been known to find myself feeling quite ungrounded, in the midst of all this summer doing. Over-stimulated and worn-out. The fire energies burn brightly amongst us, sparks jumping between us, inspiring us towards our own highest potential.

I feel this, and yet this year I also feel a calmness. A calmness within all the doing. The need to hold a space for myself. Something in reserve. A new place.  A new awareness of what's right for me right now.

Perhaps it's being 45. It feels like a full expansion into the summer of my life. Or perhaps it's seeing a mentor, or attending a yoga class. Or the two hours a day of hard labor in the garden. Perhaps we are over the worst of our difficulties, or maybe we are learning to just hold some balance within it.

This is honoring what I need. The inspiration and the calmness is all here. I am happy to be holding this space for myself. In future years I may feel the call to solstice revelry and summer gatherings, but right now I am glad to be feeling peaceful.  Just taking each step at a time.

Happy solstice people!
make pretty flower mandalas, enjoy the sun and nature.
Be kind.


Saturday, 14 June 2014

summery makes part 1

After last nights three hour deluge of rain, thunder and lightning, following an extremely hot day, I think we can officially declare British summertime is here.

Not that anyone is complaining, it really was rather spendid and all that water on the plants after all that heat can only be a good thing.

So it's time for me to show the first of my new summer makes. I found a couple of vintage curtains to transform. The dark blue floral fabric is some lovely Sanderson fabric. A pretty table cloth and a serviette! I based the size on a bag I already have, made some lining, added a flap and a little pocket. I feel like the bag is a cross between Cath kidston and the lovely granny chic of dottie angel. I'm not sure how either of them would actually feel about that!

Lest that sound too easy, I can assure you I had a good wrestle with the lining fabric and strap! But it somehow all found it's place.

All I need now is a dusting of granny chic bravery as I step out wearing my transformed curtains, table cloth and serviette. What's that?......oh of course, that is the whole granny chic point!

Well I do love it so I shall be brave, and today's the day.

It was so nice to use up some of this fabric, I have been collecting madly. The cross stitch on the little handy pocket, inspired some more around the flap. This is a secret pocket/label for hiding secret lists in. Lists of adventurous and brave things. And maybe a shopping list too. So wish me luck as I step out with some hopeful granny chic bravery.

Oh and Miss Trissie was very happy about it too!

Have a lovely summery weekend.


Monday, 2 June 2014

a part of who we are......

I love the pink Hawthorne on the common
May was a lovely month wasn't it. So much green and growing. Warm and wet and some gorgeous sunny moments.....even the soft and gentle rain in may could be forgiven. I have been soaking up all the lovely nature around. I've needed it so much and I notice it so much more now I am no longer just a suburban girl. I have a dog and a garden and hills to roam, and it's wonderful to be able to anticipate what comes next as the year unfolds. This common has become a part of me. It has become my life blood. I can breathe in life up here.

new leaves and blue skies
The open, wide expanse of skies, new leaves against the blue, my favourite. Awesome. The Buttercup meadows, the Daises and the grasses beginning to grow in abundance.

blue skies and buttercup meadows
Of course May saw the arrival of others who also love the common!

the cows are out!
Yes the cows are out and there's a fair bit of jostling going here for a space under the cool shady trees! They are remembering their summer ground and the places they like to go. They are such big beautiful creatures with their big brown eyes. Mainly a little shy of the humans. Getting barked by the occassional passing dog. Everyone will have to make room for the new arrivals and find their place. There's room for everyone up here. 

having a scratch on the bench!
I found these funny pictures in the National Trust booklet!

keep little dogs under control!
We try and walk past carefully, not too close because I don't want little dog to be kicked by big hooves.

Daffodils are not good for cows.

Daffodils are poisonous for cows. I didn't know that. That would be why you only see wild flowers up here.

ancient grazing rights on the common
The grazing rights for the common go back to the days of William the Conqueror. I will look out for the horses and the donkey who follows them around.

lovely betty's bench
So here is our daily view. This bench says 'a lovely view for a lovely lady'. Her name was Betty. It's a top spot. We can sit awhile, take in the view out to the River Severn and across to the Black mountains and Wales. We can watch the Magpies and the Ravens circling in the warm currents and dream of the place where the river flows into the sea and the coast line and beaches and the ocean. All from the view on our hill top.

Hawthorne (dog-walkers christmas tree in may)

And here is the famous Hawthorne tree, which at christmas becomes this.

Well I've brought you up here with me many times now, I hope you don't mind. I've even bumped into two fellow dog-walkers/bloggers, which is strange because you kind of know them and you kind of don't!

pickings from the garden
 At home I have been picking a lovely supply of flowers from the garden.

blue spotted jug
and enjoying them in this blue spotted jug. I think it was a second, because of the misprint, but I love it and the glaze and the shape. Underneath it says made in Japan. 

I have a couple of creative makings to show you, but to be honest my energy levels feel quite low right now. I need to take some photos and share some little adventures from this half term. But I'm taking it pretty slowly right now. Just trying to recover some of that energy again. The last week seem to involve a lot of driving around dropping the teen off at his Dads for a few days and then back home to a couple of days of sanding and painting, touching up the teens room. I just want it to feel like a fresh space.

a  string of colourful bunting.
But oh go on. Just a little one then! A little project, inspired by Ingthings, I can't remember where on her blog I saw this. I still have to string it together, but it will make a little bunting for the summer.

Well dear people, that's it for now, can't wait to share my other projects, have a great week. Hope all is well. 


Friday, 23 May 2014

re-charging in nature

Thank you flowers for the yoga space we used this week.

Life has been a little bit fraught this week. I managed to fall out with someone close by. Not the teen!! only two exclamation marks there..... Living close by to other people, can mean being adaptable, learning to tolerate, setting boundaries, or not as the case be! Or it can mean having a real who ha and behaving like a crazy woman......fighting for her patch. I do really try not to do the second option, but sometimes due to personal circumstances we can find ourselves closer to the edge than we realized.

Saying that though this week I have found that all in all I am feeling much more empowered as I go about my day and my various dealings with people. I have had a lot of support from my mentor and the organization where my son now goes several times a week. I don't actually know where we would have been without them. Anyway, like I said, still closer to the edge than I realized.

The reading bench
So I have spent a fair amount of time this week wandering about the garden, in between the rain and thunder and lightning. Negotiating a two day post-argument headache. Can I blame the weather?!....I have found myself reading  The Celestine Prophecy again. All about how humans struggle for energy in their relationships.... yikes! but also how there is so much energy available to us in nature which I'm sure we would all agree.

Little dog is there on a short lead because she likes to come down here and have a good bark at next doors chickens! naughty dog.

the orchard is full of Cowparsley

I have been wondering around through the paths of Cowparsley, slightly hiding, breathing in the green goodness and trying to re-charge.

this wonderful pond has appeared.
One of my hardy cabin folks has built this lovely pond just below the balcony of her cabin. I'm really rather in awe of this nature loving girls ecological capacities. She just got on and built the pond. It's in such a lovely spot. She tells me as she comes into the garden pushing her bike along, down the winding path, past the honeysuckle, that all the stress of her day and the traffic just melts away. In the evening myself and little dog usually wander by and come and see what new pond life is happening. New cuttings and plantings keep appearing.

under the Laburnum tree
The pond is just under a very pretty flowering Laburnum tree, which I'm told in her native Germany is called Gold rain. I love that.

making a pond
Clever girl!

Natures balm
So hoping this weekend to make a bit of a fresh start. I've got several new makes to show you soon. I have been going to a little local yoga class, which is also helping, stretching is one of my favourite things. We are only a class of three, in my neighbours front room and that's including the yoga teacher! so it's a lovely supportive little group. Gentle yoga, we use many layers of rugs and cushion and have lots of relaxation time. It actually feels a bit like going to bed! I feel clearer and brighter for it and I am learning how to rest, which as my yoga teacher says, isn't always comfortable, but it's important. So do have a restful weekend if you can. Bye for now.


pretty may flowers

Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then choose that way with all his strength.
Hasidic saying